Ateam Software


We accept payments via direct debit from your bank account to our bank account. The account details are mentioned in every invoice you receive. Invoices are sent to you to your designated email address by our accounts team. Please feel free to contact our accounts team if you have any questions regarding your account and related information.

Accounts Team

Our Accounts Team perform various tasks to make your experience a pleseant and convenient one with regard to all the financial aspects related to the products and services we provide.


  • Prepare and Send Invoices to your designated email as per the agreement
  • Record your Payments and maintain your account to keep it up to date
  • Prepare and Send Monthly Statements on your account for your convenience
  • Prepare and Send Annual Statement on your account for your convenience
  • Answer any of your questions regarding your account and your account statements
  • Assisting to maintain your account balance with friendly reminders when you are busy


We understand even after all the information provided you may still have clarifications and questions. Feel free to talk to one of our friendly team members who would be more than happy to assist you.